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Battle of Zelenogorsk - 20/10/18

**** WIP further updates to follow ****

Battle of Zelenogorsk

MAP: Summer Chernarus

Terrain: Shoreline, Forest, Hills

Weather: Foggy

Forecast: Clear

Date/Time: 19/10/18 06:00


In the early hours of Oct 10th the invasion of Chernarus began, we made good headway in the first few days and established a foothold on the SW shoreline, however due to heavy resistance and stretched supply lines our troops were forced to hold just outside Chernogorsk to the EAST and Zelenogorsk to the NORTH.

Oct 14th - After 3 days of fighting our troops await resupply but on the morning of 14th the unthinkable happened, our carrier task force escorting supply ships to our troops was attacked and destroyed by the American 2nd Mediterranean fleet, somehow our recon missed them. The American fleet has been forced to withdraw but not before completely destroying any usable supply ships.

18th Oct - USMC forces counter attacked our EASTERN front and captured BALOTA airstrip and harbor, currently our only airstrip on Chernarus.

Battle of Zelenogorsk Far.PNG


Today, the 19th Oct our brand new destroyer "Valor" has reached Chernarus and is tasked with re-enforcing our battle withered troops while more supplies are sent.

OBJ1 - Assault and Re-capture BALOTA Airstrip

We shall make an amphibious assault along the coast adjacent to the airstrip, this objective is critical. Russian assets recently captured by USMC forces are still on site and must be be secured, our entire action relies on it, Bluebell, Pig and all AAC callsigns as well as supplies are present and must be re-captured. Fighting is still going on to the WEST of the airstrip and a small infantry installation has been identified to the North of the airstrip.


OBJ2 - Secure the road to Bor

Once the airstrip has been secured dispatch your forces WEST through Kamarovo (Friendly) and secure the road NORTH to Bor, reports of fighting have recently been reported, we must secure our EASTERN front.


OBJ3 - Defend Bors Eastern front

Bor was until recently a supply dump for our front lines, we have lost contact, regain control of the town, recover any supplies and ensure the counter attack to the EAST is utterly destroyed.


OBJ4 - Re-enforce and Re-supply the front line at Zelenogorsk

Deliver any recovered supplies to the front line FOB


OBJ5 - Capture  & Hold Kurgan Hill 296

Our northern front line with the Americans has seen heavy fighting, hill 296 has been captured by the USMC and has become a strong point in the enemy line, we must push the Americans back, attack and hold the hill for 20 minutes.



US Air assets have been identified we must gain air superiority to succeed.

1-1 Tasks Overview

OBJ1 - Assault and Re-capture Balota Airstrip

OBJ2 - Secure the road to Bor

OBJ3 - Defend Bors Eastern front

OBJ4 - Re-enforce and Re-supply the front line at Zelenogorsk

OBJ5 - Capture  & Hold Kurgan Hill 296

AAC Tasks Overview

- Clear the beach / harbor at Balota ahead of our amphibious assault

- Destroy the USMC artillery site


- Destroy the USMC AA site EAST of Chernogorsk


- Destroy US assets stationed at the Airfield EAST of Grishino


- Find and destroy enemy mortar sites

- Provide 1-1 with Re-supply / CAS


5 x Gunboats (1 x MHQ Gunboat at side of destroyer)

2 x Mi24 - Zeus

3 x Shikra (OBJ1) - Phantom

3 x SU25 (OBJ1) - Phantom

3 x Otaker (OBJ1) - Bluebell

3 x Stalker (OBJ1) - Pig

4 x Mi8 (OBJ1) - Giant

4 x Ka60 (OBJ1) - Raven

Special Instructions (Important)

Remember friendly forces are in the area PID

Utilize assets along the front line.


Saturday Operation 13/10/18

No mission maker has come forward with anything specific so far.

However, rest assured that our usual coop event on Saturday will take place, either with a replay of some kind or a Combat Patrol.

Let us know in the poll whether you will attend.


See you then!


The East Wind Week-3

The East Wind Week-3



The AAF hit the NATO HQ last night eliminating a large number of their forces however in the early hours of this morning a NATO counterattack simultaneously hit the military range and camp Rogain taking them by surprise.
They managed to temporarily get long range comms with NATO MEDCOM meaning we are expecting reinforcements to the island. We believe this counterattack is to gain some sort of foothold for the inbound invasion force.



We will be sent in to reinforce the beaten down AAF and prevent NATO having a place to start their assault from once they arrive.

They will not be expecting us and will most likely go to ground and entrench their positions in town once we arrive.

We will start our mission by the south end of the runway.


Our reinforcements are inbound on the town of Agia Marina and will land at the HLS marked on the north side of the hill by the church. moving over the hill and into town will be hot as hostiles will have gone to ground in many of the buildings to avoid being engaged by air assets.

The red line on the crest of the hill is most likely where we will begin to receive contact. Our job is to move through the whole town and clear everything in it.

Next we must recapture the military range. Friendly forces will be holding out inside however they cannot last forever and by the time reinforcement arrives after clearing the town they may well have been overrun. Majority of the hostiles will be arriving from down the military range.

A small hamlet to the north at Objective Bravo may also be housing hostiles as a small detachment also attacked from the NE flank.


After that 1-1 will continue moving North to a AAF roadblock where they will be able to commandeer transport to cut off the NATO retreat.

Stopping off at Kill farm (Objective Delta) 1-1 will neutralise any hostiles using it as a staging area for the advance on Agia Marinas flanks.

The final objective will be to move West to the Evac point and stop any hostiles leaving the island.

Vehicles here are only to be targeted if they attempt to leave the island.



          Infantry 1-1 -

  • Move through and clear the entirety of Agia Marina
  • Recapture the military range and rescue any AAF survivors
  • Investigate and clear objective Bravo
  • Move to AAF roadblock and commandeer vehicles
  • Destroy Kill Farm Outpost
  • Ambush NATO retreat and stop hostiles leaving the island


  • Provide support to 1-1
  • Recon potential danger zones
  • Seek and Destroy hostiles operating around camp Rogain
  • Eliminate hostile air support
  • Ensure any vehicle attempting to leave the island is destroyed
  • Resupply/Reinsert


  • 1x Karatel (MHQ)
  • 1x YAK-131J
  • 1x To-201 Shikra
  • 1x Mi-290 Taru (Transport)
  • 2x Mi-48J Kajman
  • 2x Ka-60



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The Road

The Road

the road.PNG

OPORD Saturday, 29/09/18 19:00 UK

Location: Nogova

Starting Time: 06:30

Weather: Overcast, chance of rain

Player Faction: Modified CSAT



For seven years, a bloody civil war raged between the People's Republic of Nogova (PRN) and a seperatist movement, the Nogova Democratic Congress (NDC). Warring parties had fought to a standstill. A shaky seize fire was put in place, but broke when CSAT agents discovered that the NDC was receiving military training and hardware from NATO. The NDC have since accepted NATO membership. In response, the PRN became a CSAT member to defend its interests.


Elements of the AAC and Engineer Corps have been attached to 1st Squad. 1st Squad have been tasked with striking against NDC armoured forces defending strategic points. 1st Squad will achieve surprise by attacking in an unfavourable location. Enemy held territory must be traversed along the MSR in order to reach primary objective sites. Roads used must be secured as line of communcation.

1-1's manoeuvers are designed to deny the enemy logistics, as well as split them from the capital and their base of operations.

Enemy Forces

The NDC fields considerable conventional fighting strength. Large part of their arsenal consists of outdated Eastern Block gear; this includes heavy weapons. Their arsenal of armoured vehicles is extensive, originating from many parts of the globe, from many different eras.

The NDC's strongest force is the 6th Armoured Battalion, which was recently reinforced by modern, NATO produced APCs and IFVs. The 6th Armoured's tank force consists of outdated Soviet made T-72s, T-55s and T-34s.

Roads and towns in the area of operations are being defended by their battle hardened 1st Infantry Battalion. 1st Inf. forces are at full strength and reinforced by transport vehicles and heavy weaponry.

6th Armourd is tasked with the defense of the NDCs capital and Airport. Their mechanised formations maintain readiness for counter offensive action. 1st Infantry take a defensive stance along roads and in built up areas. Their intent is to delay CSAT forces for as long as possible, until armoured support becomes available in their AO. There is a likelihood of mines, barricades and tank traps along our roads.




-Raid into enemy held territory along waypoints

-Destroy any defensive positions

-Seize NDC 6th Armoured base of operations

-Seize Nogova air port


-Attach to 1-1

-Provide repairs

-Provide EOD

-Provide demolition

-Assist with fire support, CQB and casualty processing

Air Call Signs

-Escort 1-1/Bluebell

-Provide ISTARS & light CAS

-Provide Logistics & MEDEVAC

Logistics and Support


1x BTR-90 (MHQ/Repair Station)

2x BTR-80 (Repair station)

2x BM-2T Stalker

2x BMP-2

1x LSV Mk II (Metis)

1x LSV Mk II (M134 Minigun)

9x Mine Detector

9x Toolkit


3x KA-60 Kasatka

1x Mi-290 Taru

1x KA-48J Kajman

2x Mi-17

1x Mi-24D

1x Typhoon Repair Vehicle (replaces stationary Service Station)


This is an experimental mission.

The mission uses a vanilla version of @NeKoArroW's repair station that has been attached to support vehicles and mobile repair kits.

The mission is made with Bluebell in mind, which is facilitated by the presence of repair capable support vehicles. Further adequate tasking (EOD, CQB, demolition) is also available.

Air assets are restricted to comparatively light helicopters. Air call signs' main tasking will be focused on escort, , light CAS, logistics and MEDEVAC.

ISTARS will be conducted by Starscream.

@Raptor @Jason @hoofed @Blu. @Byleth



The East Wind Week-2

The East Wind Week-2



Directly after the previous engagement the AAF sprung upon NATO, the native faction is pushing hard to use the tactical strong points, chaos and momentum to grab as much land as possible before remaining NATO forces muster together into an organised force.


Pushing the advance 1-1 will begin at their last captured objective and push towards the west into the high ground. Weve monitored radio transmissions coming from a local broadcasting station which the enemy forces are using as a rally point for survivors. So far unknown numbers are gathered there and plan on using the nearby LZ (LZ Baldy) to evac the island.


Once 1-1 crosses the Green Line friendly AAF units 1-2(Infantry) & 2-1(Motorised Infantry) will begin closing in also so check fire towards the North and North West.

We cannot let any forces escape. War crimes have been committed and the only way to keep any of this from getting out for now is to ensure no survivors.

Friendly Air Corps units took down a C-130 cargo plane that was scheduled to collect dismantled NATO equipment just SW of LZ Baldy and 1-1 must move to eliminate any survivors.

From there a second Rally Point (RP-2) Has been established at an old outpost. Once we discovered their whereabouts radio communication went silent and we are unaware of their next move however we believe it has something to do with Air Station Mike-26. This will be your final objective as it is likely that they would have already moved onto its location.



Move from Kamino Firing range west to Green Line. Once crossed friendly units will begin their advance.

Destroy enemies at RP-1 and proceed to LZ Baldy where you must plant charges on the transponder they are using to relay messages off the radio masts and contact their command.

Move SW to the crash-site and kill any survivors. Moving South to the enemies secondary RP be aware of minefield to the East and clear the buildings there.

Finally recapture Air Station Mike-26 from any garrisoned contacts.



          Infantry 1-1 -

  • Move to RP-1
  • Destroy transponder at LZ Baldy
  • Check C-130 crash site for survivors and eliminate them
  • Move to RP-2 and clear
  • Recapture Air Station Mike-26 and Extract


  • Provide support to 1-1
  • Recon potential danger zones
  • Clear any supporting armour moving from the southern strong point
  • Provide transport for reinserts and resupply


  • 1x Fennek (MHQ)
  • 2x KAmaz Transport
  • 1x Fennek HMG
  • 4x AW159 Wildcat
  • 2x AW101 Merlin
  • 1x JAS 39 Gripen
  • 1x A-143J Buzzard E



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