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OPORD: Saturday

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OPORD: Nightfall

I can't stop making night missions
Reserved for OPORD

Paradrop near enemy military base, large compound clearance and other aerial activities so far, no faction decided


OPORD: Sun Bleached


Map: Malden
InGame Time: 0348 - Daylight within 45 Minutes.
Faction: NATO SF - 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force)
Enemy Faction: Expecting CSAT and Militia
Weather: Unknown

The year is 2035, the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT) got dissolved within the Russian forces. This resulted in a giant technological boom. With NATO not being in any combat scenarios for at least 15 years, and the Russian forces handling peace in the middle east, NATO has fallen behind.

Malden was one of the last islands just off the coast of Turkey to be swallowed by CSAT. As of now, there are a significantly more countries and islands apart of CSAT than NATO. High command feel threatened by this due to the loss of control which has happened over the past few years.

Malden is currently under going a civil unrest. With locals taking up arms to fight the ruler of the island, to due to increased taxes and clear corruption between CSAT and the islands politics. Because of this being the first military action within 7 years, CSAT have deployed mass troops to stomp this threat. The world is watching. And this is where Delta Force comes in.

We are tasked with entering the island undetected, and to tip the scales in favor of the militia on the island. This is to make the CSAT forces look 'soft' in front of the world, in hopes of countries apart of the CSAT to leave or at the very least question their loyalty. This is what high command hopes.

Due to the classified nature of this mission, the local militia have no idea that we are here. because of this, they will presume we are enemies of the island and engage us.

Our main objective of this mission is to engage, disrupt and fall back. 

We are not here to wipe CSAT out, only to indirectly assist the militia on the island.



It is up to Platoon to decide the order of which the objectives are taken in. Due to the nature of this situation, CSAT will respond to any engagement. This includes militia and us. The initial tasking is as follows:

1. Perform gear checks at Foothold Delta before mounting up onto the Airframe and dismount on HLS Sleeping Giant
2. Move south to desired objectives.
3. Make use of any and all assets available to the Platoon. (AAC and or USS Missouri (Off Shore Fire Missions))

It is important that we do not enter hot CSAT locations, highlighted with Red Circles (Old military base, and Airport)

Objectives are as follows - which can be completed in any order:

1. Enter the town of Lolisse, to the SW of HLS Sleeping Giant, to help disrupts patrols and counter attacks from the west.

2. Enter the abandoned Military base which is now acting as a ammo storage for CSAT on the island. Destroy any logistics or Ammo in the area.

3. Enter the Active Radio Station, to disable or destroy the Radio jammer. This is currently blocking our channels with USS Missouri, until this jammer is removed we will not be able to make use of the off shore fire missions.


4. Enter the Town of Saint Louis. Search and rescue a Militia HVT which was captured recently. With the HVT in our custody we will be able to stage cooperative operations with the militia on the island. Identity of the HVT is unknown.

Please pay attention to the highlighted Red Arrows on the map. This is the predicted route for the CSAT counter attacks / patrols to take. Expect resistance coming from these directions.

The militias position is compeltely unknown to us, and they may be prepareing for attacks on the island at the same time we enter it. It is important to try and reduce militia casualties as much as possible Try not to engage them unless absolutely necessary. In case of being engaged, return close warning shots and fall back. We do not want to wipe the militia off the island.

There will be constant patrols and even engagements near us. Do not enter a fight we do not need to win. Follow the above objectives and get out. Do not get bogged down, We must try and not reveal that we are here on the island.

@R4IDER @Filth Please make sure you have read this.

Signed, CPL. Gora


OPORD: Burning Dog

05/08/2017 19:00 BST

Mission requires at least one experienced pilot



Burning Dog



Takistan, as part of the Canton Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT) nations, has spent the past five years extending their influence into the mediterranean with violent means.

In February 2022, Takistani forces, without a formal declaration of war, began taking over Greek territory. Greece has been unable to defend against this CSAT incursion. NATO, in accordance with a UN resolution, has formed a coalition determined to oppose Takistani aggresion.


In March 2022 CSAT occupied Altis and Stratis. The enemy will use the area as a staging point for further operations in Greece, Turkey and the Balkans. With significant reinforcements having arrived in the AO, NATO will counter attack.

CSAT maintains significant air defenses, supply stores and communications equipment on the small island of Stratis. The enemy is aware of NATO’s intention to assault the island from the East. For this, they are well prepared. However, a Takistani motorised battalion defending Stratis has largely abandoned the island’s western coast as a result of preparations for defense in the East.


OPORD overview.PNG

Bravo Company, 3rd Marine Reconnaissance Battalion will take part in the invasion of Stratis. B Cpy will air assault into the enemy’s exposed western flank at LZ de LaFayette. USMC operates from USS Freedom, located South-East off the coast of Stratis.

OPORD air assault.PNG

The mission has three parameters:

-To destroy enemy commuications station at Stratis Air Port, to take prisoners there, if possible, and extract them.

-To disrupt enemy capability to resist by destroying heavy assets and denying infrastrucure as well as supplies.

-To conduct diversionary attacks in the central area of Stratis and bind/destroy enemy forces.

Command has set four points of interest, as well as an initial observation post for B Cpy.


B Cpy must rely heavily on close air support.

B Cpy has been given a window of 2h 45min to complete their objectives. B Cpy will be extracted from HLS Siegel at 6:15 local time as NATO’s main effort on Stratis will begin.



Stratis is occupied by Takistani regulars and marine soldiers. Elite CSAT forces are also reported to be present on the island. We expect B Cpy to face about 250 enemy in their specific AO.

Once B Cpy makes contact with the enemy, CSAT quick reaction forces will begin acting in support. They are expected to make their way to the AO from the East.


While the enemy is incapable of gaining air superiority, there are strong anti-air defenses in place on Stratis.


Intel confirms the following targets in the area:

2x Roadblock

4x ZSU-23, stationary

2-4x Tigris SPAA

3-5x Quilin , armed

3-5x BRDM

3-5x BMP-1

1x Anti Air Radar installation, mobile

1x Supply Depot/Motor Pool

1x Artillery ammo dump


Depending on CSAT reaction to our presence, enemy strength may exceed our expectations.


Supply and Support

2x F-35J (USMC)

1x AH-6M-L

1x MH-6M

2x MH-60S


Signed Filth


OPORD: The Military

1st Company - Malden Special Forces

MAP: Malden
DATE: 2017/07/29 (19.00 UTC)
Operation Name: The Military
Terrain: Villages, Hills, Open Fields, Mountains
Weather: Clear skies - No Fog
Forecast: Clear skies - No fog
Starting Time (In-Game): 2200 Hours
Starting Position: North-West Airfield - Camp Riga


The island of Malden has always been perceived as a threat to the Takistani Regime. Their strong ties with the European union and the United States make them a platform for incursion if war breaks out between the Takistani Regime and the closest NATO ally, Chernarus. The Takistani forces have landed marines on the island and quickly overran the disorganized Malden defense force, who now hold their last positions south of the island. The US II. Marine Expeditionary Force is on standby to secure the island, planning an assault on the southern coastline. However before that happens, the Malden Special forces will have to conduct raids to interrupt Takistani artillery threatening to dislodge the assault.

1st Company will conduct Airborne operations on the north-west area of main island Malden, distrupt the enemy behind enemy lines and neutralize the Takistani artillery threat before the landings begin.


A)Strength - 
The Takistanii Army are assumed to have 250-300 soldiers in the area of operations.
B)Composition - Rear-guard units supported by lesser motorized vehicles
C)Support - Motorized support, Mortar support, Artillery support
D)Air Defence - No signs of infra-red / guided anti-aircraft systems. Limited threat assumed - AAA threat present
E) Friendly Forces - 5th and 4th Malden Militia holding the city of La Riviere. 22nd MEU awaiting H-Hour.

Platoon Tasks:


1. Insert at Dropzone Delta and rally at point Easy
2. Approach the town of Goisse and secure the HVT before he escapes (20 minutes @ Insert)
3. Sweep and clear the town of Goisse

1. Advance across the mountains and head towards the town of Vigny and destroy the ammunition stockpile located in the area.
2. Destroy the Mortar pit
3. Repel possible counter-attack

1. Head towards Le Pessagne and destroy the rocket artillery before H-Hour (0030 HOURS)
2. Extract forces before mechanized reinforcements arrive


AAC Tasks:


1. Insert the Platoon via Paradrop
2. Provide iStars, CASEVAC, CAS

PHASE 2 & 3
3. Find and Neutralize the Mortar Pit.
4. Extract Friendly forces at Le Pessagne


Logistics and Assets:
7x AW-159 Wildcat
4x A-149 Gryphon
1x CH-47J

-Logistics box & Helicopter Service Stations-


Additional Information


Rally Point - Easy
arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-11-80.jpg

Harbor - Location of HVT

arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-26-76.jpg



arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-49-88.jpg

La Passagne

arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-57-19.jpg

Signed Specialist Oksman