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~ Saturday Operation WIP ~
Saturday 25th May
1900 UTC

~ Saturday Operation 18/05/19 ~
Saturday 25th May
1900 UTC

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Saturday Operation WIP

Operation Liberate - Aid
Map: Taviana
Terrain: Urban, Forest
Weather: Cloudy
Date/Time: 27/03/93 06:21

Russian forces have taken control over the island of Taviana. NATO forces have been situated on the Northern-Western island on the local airport, our friendly forces had taken the northern-western Islands only for Russian forces to out number them and force them south toward the town of Grushnoye. We have been tasked with supporting the local independent forces liberate Taviana from Russian Dictatorship by forcing the local garrisoned Russian forces out of the island.

Objectives - Infantry
Main objective - Deliver Supplies to friendly forces to the south of the island
Objective 1 - Clear the town of Vladimir of Russian Presence.
Objective 2 - Clear the town of Kryvozhopol of Russian Presence

Objectives - AAC
 1 - Assist 1-1 with Logistics and CAS
2 - Search and Destroy all AAA located around the area.
3 - Destroy the Enemy FOB to the North-East of the island.

Infantry Vehicles

4x M-ATVs
1x Container HEMTT
1x MHQ - M-ATV
1x Rooikat 120 UP
1x Namer
1x Badger IFV
AAC Vehicles

4x Harrier
2x UH-60M
4x AH-6M
4x MH-6M
2x CH-47

Additional Info
Operation is able to be played at 21:00 using the Radio located at the back of the hanger
Night vision is available if required.

This operation requires a zeus if more units are needed. Basic units have been placed.




Saturday Operation 18/05/19

Saturday Operation

Saturday, 18/05/19

19:00 UK Time
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Saturday Mission 11/05/19

Please post OPORD below.


(p.s I won't be attending Saturday as something came up but cannot change vote)


4/5/2019 Op Base Attack

co@30Base Assault

Settings: Day
Map: Malden2035
Seize: Medium

Difficulty: 4/10

Air: Transportation / Support (Optinal)

A.) Orientation
The island of Malden is part of our glorious nation, yet the weak government refuses to surrender. They only have a small number of armed vehicles and mostly rely on infantry squads, while the airfield is defended by AA. They managed to establish certain strongpoints across the operation area: the checkpoint behind the cease-fire line, a garison in Arud and the training ground. We know they are received rockets from their despotic allies in the west and are currently weaponizing all available civilian trucks.

B.) Intention

The AAF forces of the failed faschist government of Malden still hold control over most of the island. The airfield located on the northern coast ist heavy protected by AA, therefore we can not assault trough air. We need to destroy the airfield and all AAF bases in the area, so not just the AAF but also the population of the island will surrender to our forces. Trough our diplomatic contacts we manged to agree on cease-fire, which gave us time to prepare for the assault.

 C.) Order
We will ignore the cease-fire contract, which isn't even worth the paper it is written on and push straight towards the airfield. On our path of liberation we will destroy all military structures, take over all cities and finally bring our units in a position above the hills near the fabric in firing range to the airfield.





Saturday 27/04/19



This is of £270 over 3 months
This Window ends: 1st May 2019