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Saturday 13/04/2019


Settings: Morning
Map: Altis
Seize: Big

Difficulty: 7/10

Air: Transportation (phase 1) / Air-Mission (optional / phase 1-2) / Transport and CAS (req. Phase 2-3)

A.) Orientation

CSAT forces hold the area of Kavala. They are fully prepared for our attack and on alarm. CSAT their tank group aligned towards north, as they expect our push streight from north (where most our forces are located). The area is heavly protected by AA(A), infantry and armor, specially within the city limits of Kavala. Hostile infantry forces roam primarly around the northern area and wait for our major push.

B.) Intention

Our mission is to capture Kavala and pushing the CSAT troops out from the western island. Our task is to confuse the enemy forces by ambushing their lesser protected camps around the south. We expect that they will send in heavy supplies from the northern fortifications reducing their number and shifting their platoon towards the southern border (Marked Black). Meanwhile we will further confuse their forces by a quick push trough the east before our major attack from the north kicks in. Afterall we can only suceed with a defeat in details, as with only one push, we may suffer heavy loses.

 C.) Order
Deploy from the airfield to LZ Alpha and push north around Neri Bay till the supply camp, shift east and meet with the mechanized unit in panochori (Route 1). Before the enemy forces reach the area and tie us within a firefight our task is to redeploy towards the eastern side (Route 2). On the, at this point, rather unprotected eastern border, we push in and ambush the relocating forces. From the east we push in while the battlegroup will move in from north (Route 3; AI). Meanwhile our carrier group will reach the area and we will retake controll over the airspace. Finally after clearing the area and wrecking the hostile forces, we can attack the city and drive the hostile forces off the island. Furthermore our submarine should reach the area just in time to hit the hostile vessel near the coast, opening the area for airassault from the sea.




OPORD: Delaying Action


OPORD: Gypsy Danger

MAP: Altis

MISSION DTG: 30/03/19 1900hrs (GMT)

OPORD: Gipsy Danger

WEATHER: Light fog and cloud

FORECAST: Slowly Clearing

START DTG: 30/03/2035 0600 Local 



1: Mission Overview 

The CSAT annexation of Altis and Stratis is in full swing. NATO have already been comprehensively defeated on Stratis with the death of General McKinnon. AAF rebels and CSAT landing forces are now going active across Altis.

CTRG 26 must hold the coast of Mazi Bay and prevent the seaborne invasion of Altis from the South East. We are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned and have nothing to aid us except a collection of battered old UAVs and a small contingent of pilots. We must put this technological advantage to good use or risk encirclement and obliteration.

No matter the cost we must hold off the invasion from the sea long enough for the Navy to arrive and land reinforcements.

Jaeger must not fall.


2: Specific Mission Parameters 

CTRG 26 has 3 main mission parameters:

  • Defend FOB Jaeger at all costs
  • Evacuate civilian population from Feres
  • Evacuate civilian population from Selakano

Limited air support is available from the NATO combined air force at the international airport and the UAV detachment at Jaeger itself.

As the navy gets closer you can expect naval air and artillery support.


3: Intelligence 


The main seaborne invasion is expected to hit the wide beach in the Mazi Bay. SF units may deploy from air assets and flank forces could be sent to the high ground on either of our flanks. Situational awareness and an active defence is critical to prevent us becoming surrounded.


4: Coordination 

Platoon Radio Net: 50.1 

Air Net: 50.2

AAC Net: 50.3

Squad radio net as directed by COC. 


5: Logistics 

CTRG 26:

  • 5x .50 HMG
  • 5x 40mm GMG
  • 6x LSV

NATO CAF Det. Jaeger:

  • 4x Falcon
  • 4x Greyhawk
  • 2x Bardelas


  • 2x A-164 Wipeout
  • 2x F/A-181 Wasp
  • 4x UH-80 Ghosthawk
  • 4x CH-471 Huron

NATO CN CSG Freedom:

  • USS Liberty
  • USS Freedom:
    • 4x F/A-181 Wasp
    • 4x Sentinel



The Navy ships will not go active until 45 minutes from the end. The weapons of USS Liberty and extra aircraft from the USS Freedom will not be available until that time.




Mission 16/03/19 - PlaceHolder

Place feedback into here. :)

The mission in my eyes was really good. We were always kept on our toes from the contacts. Thanks to @Pilgrim for squad lead (You're doing good keep it up! ) , @SoKkada and @Joe Malley for team leading!

Good op tonight, well worth it :D

Now a few photos















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