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Saturday 16th December
1800 UTC / 1900 GMT

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Tuesday 19th December
1800 UTC / 1900 GMT

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Guerrillas of Liberation - Operation Africa - Three Crowns
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GOL Goals - Moving Forward

What I would like to do is set out some goals for GOL to try and accomplish over the next few weeks / months.

  • To begin playing campaigns again starting with the four week campaign made by four different mission makers ideally I would like to introduce at least two new mission makers here rather than the missions being made by the usual suspects.
  • Introduce the advanced medical system / limited respawn into every main mission.
  • Increase the number of contributors to the mission making rota both on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • To increase the number of pilots - if you're interesting in joining AAC let me, Jason or Raptor know.
  •  increase the number of people who are able to carry out leadership duties. Right now we have fill in team leaders but I am looking to make this a fixed position - @Juan Sanchez @personalvoid @MACKAULE

These are the goals that I have set out for the group if there are any that you think should be added then post below but I think we all need to know what we are aiming to do and work together to achieve them.

Out of interest I decided to take a look at the number of missions that we have created. The numbers here are based on forum topics that have been created for missions and I know that there are lots of times when missions don't get their own topics so its not a completely accurate figure but it gives you an idea of what the numbers look like. Ideally I would like to start adding some more names to this list.

 Name           Missions 

 Oksman              112 
 GuzzenVonLidl        69
 R4IDER               60 
 Jason                45 
 Baron                43 
 Lt.Chris             35 
 Filth                27 
 Goralight            22 
 Chipmonk             18 
 Pirate               17 
 Beny                 16 
 Moogle               15 
 PARKER               13 
 Arron                 8 
 Bakakun               6 
 hoofed                3 
 joona                 2 
 NeKoArroW             2 
 Tazoo                 2 
 Akena                 1 
 Luke                  1 
 McDeuce               1 
 SoKkada               1 
 Juan Sanchez          1 
 irishguard            1 
 Chippy                1 
 DevilGhost            1


Red Storm: Epilogue

Red Storm: Epilogue

The scientists we’ve captured confirmed our worst fears. The Russians have developed a weapon based off alien technology that they scavenged through the “portal” at Object A1. They have already run successful tests and the weapon is ready for combat use.

The Czech forces lunched a valiant assault on Object A2, but failed, when the enemy used the weapon to turn the Czech soldiers against each other. Seeing no other option, the NATO forces lunched a tactical nuclear strike on Object A2 to prevent the enemy from transferring the weapon to the mainland.

It was not long before the Russians retaliated with their own nukes…



This concludes the Red Storm campaign. All who attended at least two of the three missions will be awarded this ribbon: QiQRij9.png

You can look forward to Jason’s campaign, which should be starting next week (1. 4.).


SITREP - Red Storm

The Namalsk situation escalates

The 43rd Airborne Battalion conducted a daring operation, which resulted in the remnants of the 218th Battalion and 45th Brigade HQ to be trapped and later on destroyed. The Russians retaliated swiftly by launching an Iskander missile strike against the Sabjun Airfield. The 22nd Helicopter squadron as well as elements of the 43rd Battalion suffered heavy losses.


The runway was severely damaged as well. As a result, our air support will be limited in the upcoming operation. Speaking of the upcoming operation, a C-130 has been shot down on the western part of the island. The crew managed to eject and are now on the ground, attempting to make their way to friendly positions in accordance with their SERE training. We are currently putting together a rescue plan.


The operation will be carried out by the freshly deployed 42nd Mechanized Battalion. Since the anti-ship batteries were destroyed in the previous operation, the battalion managed to land safely at Tara Harbour and is now situated around the Old Hospital. A tank platoon has been embedded into its OOB.


You can expect a full briefing soon. For now, dismissed!

Signed, Sgt. Beny


Red Storm

Red Storm




14. 12. 2017
US begins the process of exiting NATO after negotiations for an "equal troops and budget commitment" reach no definite conclusion.



Summer 2018
For a second year in a row now, the yield of wheat in the Russian Federation is extremely poor. The state is facing a contemporary famine. A military solution is considered viable by the Russians - it is decided that the fertile lands in Ukraine need to be seized. In order to reduce the number of opposing forces on the Ukrainian front, a strategic diversion is put into place – a push into the Baltics. Russia begins mobilizing its armed forces.



August 2018
Large concentrations of Russian troops are being moved to the western border. The Czech 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade is sent to Lithuania as a part of the deterrent NATO force.

Spring 2019
The Russian Army lunches an offensive on the Baltic states. Both sides take heavy casualties, but eventually the Russians manage to reach the north-eastern Polish border. The 4th BRD is pulled to Pomerania for R&R. Shortly after, an offensive on Poland is lunched. It loses its momentum shortly after reaching the suburbs of Warsaw. British and French troops start pushing back and a counter-offensive by the Italian Army on the south front successfully traps and destroys a significant Russian force around Krakow.



16. 6. 2019
Weather anomalies are reported over the Namalsk Island in the Baltic see. Less than 24 hours later, the 45th Guards Detached Spetsnaz Brigade is deployed to the island.  A message mentioning “a device potentially capable of resolving the current conflict” is intercepted. The Czech 601st Special Forces Group is sent in to investigate, soon to be followed by elements of 4th BRD.



Welcome to Namalsk. The world is ending, the weather is shit and we got Ruskies to kill. Talk about dreams coming true.

Signed Sgt. Beny


Joint Coop Reminder!

Friendly Reminder!

We have a Joint-Coop on the 25th of February. We are using their mods and connecting to their server. So it is a requirement that you download the necessary mods.

They do not use Arma3Sync. Instead they use something called "Swifty" which uses the same principles. Please go to this thread:

And follow the guide on how to install the application, along with connecting to our own repo.

Once you have done that, please connect to the 102nd's repo (the people we are going to be playing with) on these details:   <--- This is the repo address, similar to what you entered for own own repo in the above guide.

The address of the game server:

And the password: 525

Below is the list of mods we will be using:

  • ACE 3
  • ACEX 3
  • CBA
  • ACRE 2
  • RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (AFRF)
  • RHS: United States Armed Forces (USF)
  • RHS: Green Forces (GREF)
  • ASCZ Heads (44MB) - Face pack which the majority of 102nd’s members use
  • 102nd TMF (10MB) - 102nd’s mission-making framework

It is important that you get Swifty sorted, and mods downloaded well before the day of the operation (25/02)
If you need any help, please ask any council members and we will assist you :)

Please, please please... Get this sorted at least a couple of days before the Operation day.
And please get familiar with the Swifty Application

Or if you are having problems with swifty if you can download the mods manually here!

Gora <3