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Saturday 17th November
1900 UTC

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OPORD 17/11/18

Not quite sure why this was taken down or by whom, but I'll post it again:

Calling all mission makers to post an OPORD for today if you have a mission for us.

If not we will go for a replay or a combat patrol.

This is to reassure members that there is an event taking place today. Please do not delete.


Patrol Of OP Pride Rock

Patrol Of OP Pride Rock

MAP: Takistan

Terrain:  Mountains, open ground, Desert

Weather: Clear

Forecast: Clear

Mission locations are based on real places but not events.


You are young solider's In the US Marines, you have been posted at COP Michigan. COP Michigan holds a vital supply route to stop the Takistani insurgents from being able to keep a foot hold deeper in to the country. This FOB  is sounded by hills so the enemy can shoot in to the compound It is advised to never be out in the open and move through the tunnels. Below is a representation of the real life area so you can get a feel of what they had to go through.


The Starting area will look like this ^


  • A team or two will cover a squad of marines that are going up to OP Pride rock to relieve the other soldiers on duty, once a team of 1-1 have reached the top they will then cover the marines while they their way back down to COP Michigan, Same would go for the rest of 1-1 they will need to cover the both squads that need to come down.
  • Once Every one is sorted we will need to regroup in or outside of COP Michigan mount up and we need to make our way down to where IDAP forces are giving aid to the local populous, on the way we need to keep an eye out for any combatants, and especially keep keen eyes open for IEDS as that is there weapon of choice.
  • Once we reach IDAP forces one team will hold down the Area of operation, while the other go though each building in the immediate area to just clear the area, the reason why we have to do this is because the insurgents threaten the locals to store insurgent weapons and things of that nature in there homes.
  • You can speak to the locals to find out if they have seen any insurgent presence lately.
  • Depending on that information we will continue the patrol in the surrounding villages.

AAC Objectives

Provide Support with dragon if needed.

General duty's.(med-vac resupply recon)

Scout for Ural AA positions around the map

Destroy Pro Russian Separatists Reinforcement convoy that starts at one end of the map and is heading to our base and airfield. (Un known Starting positions)

Assets / AAC Assets

MK19 Humvee x2

50cal Humvee x2

M1126 ICV MK19


Little Bird - MH-6M 

Little Bird - AH-6M 

A-10J Thunderbolt II x2

A-10D Thunderblot II x2

Harrier GR.9 x2

MH-60S Knighthawk x4

2 x Mk6 Mortars (AAC Callsign: Dragon)

UCAV Sentinel  

MQ-4A Greyhawk


Amphibious Assault

Amphibious Assault



US Navy forces anchored offshore are launching an assault on a Russian occupied island used for weapon development after a long armistice is broken.


At approximately 05:30 hours an amphibious assault will be launched under the cover of fog. The objective is to capture a beach head and secure nearby towns. Its imperative that the enemy HQ is neutralised. Somewhere north in the mountains reconnaissance has Intel that a hostile camp is located in the woods as a secondary objective.



Breach the mainland by any of the marked beaches. Clear your way to the nearest fortified town and clear it. There is no need to clear buildings outside of the objective unless you have good reason to do so. The HQ must be captured for this mission to be successful. Any other ground made from then on is a bonus.


Beach 1 will likely be the easiest insert but it will mean backtracking to get to the smaller fortified town and clearing the HQ from low ground.

Beach 2 & 3 will probably be the same just with 3 being a lot longer route but having more cover from the valley. These will give us much better ground when moving west to the HQ


1-1 Will mount up in vehicles as follows:

Alpha and Bravo will take one unarmed AAV each until we make the shore.

Pig will take an LAV and move in with the rest of 1-1 on the insert

Bluebell (if available) will take an armed AAV and attach to 1-1 for the insert

SL will drive the MHQ (LAV C2) (If no air call signs are available for reinserts) and activate on the shore.


          Infantry 1-1 -

  • Capture a beach head and advance on nearest town.
  • Clear town and move to next objective
  • Enemy HQ MUST be captured to complete the mission
  • We must NOT advance any further than the RED LINE
  • Secondary objective: Destroy enemy installation in the forest to the NE


  • Crew a Bluebell callsign in one of the Amphibious Assault Vehicles
  • Provide CAS/Recon
  • Reinsert t4's
  • Resupply the squad


  • 1x LAV C2 (MHQ)
  • 4x LAV 25A1
  • 2x RHIB
  • 2x AAVP7/A1 (unarmed)
  • 2x AAVP7/A1
  • 2x MH60s Knighthawk
  • 2x MV22B Osprey
  • 3x UH-1Y Gunship
  • 2x CH-53E Super Stallion


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Saturday 27/10/18

In the absence of anyone else taking control here I'll throw this out there.

Mission will be the Combat Patrol Mission on Stratis. Randomly generated objectives with a full spread of AAC assets to mix stuff up.

Attendance cut off will be 10. If we have less than 10 players (across all units) then we will cancel or organise something else like public servers.

Attendance poll above for what it's worth


Battle of Zelenogorsk - 20/10/18

**** WIP further updates to follow ****

Battle of Zelenogorsk

MAP: Summer Chernarus

Terrain: Shoreline, Forest, Hills

Weather: Foggy

Forecast: Clear

Date/Time: 19/10/18 06:00


In the early hours of Oct 10th the invasion of Chernarus began, we made good headway in the first few days and established a foothold on the SW shoreline, however due to heavy resistance and stretched supply lines our troops were forced to hold just outside Chernogorsk to the EAST and Zelenogorsk to the NORTH.

Oct 14th - After 3 days of fighting our troops await resupply but on the morning of 14th the unthinkable happened, our carrier task force escorting supply ships to our troops was attacked and destroyed by the American 2nd Mediterranean fleet, somehow our recon missed them. The American fleet has been forced to withdraw but not before completely destroying any usable supply ships.

18th Oct - USMC forces counter attacked our EASTERN front and captured BALOTA airstrip and harbor, currently our only airstrip on Chernarus.

Battle of Zelenogorsk Far.PNG


Today, the 19th Oct our brand new destroyer "Valor" has reached Chernarus and is tasked with re-enforcing our battle withered troops while more supplies are sent.

OBJ1 - Assault and Re-capture BALOTA Airstrip

We shall make an amphibious assault along the coast adjacent to the airstrip, this objective is critical. Russian assets recently captured by USMC forces are still on site and must be be secured, our entire action relies on it, Bluebell, Pig and all AAC callsigns as well as supplies are present and must be re-captured. Fighting is still going on to the WEST of the airstrip and a small infantry installation has been identified to the North of the airstrip.


OBJ2 - Secure the road to Bor

Once the airstrip has been secured dispatch your forces WEST through Kamarovo (Friendly) and secure the road NORTH to Bor, reports of fighting have recently been reported, we must secure our EASTERN front.


OBJ3 - Defend Bors Eastern front

Bor was until recently a supply dump for our front lines, we have lost contact, regain control of the town, recover any supplies and ensure the counter attack to the EAST is utterly destroyed.


OBJ4 - Re-enforce and Re-supply the front line at Zelenogorsk

Deliver any recovered supplies to the front line FOB


OBJ5 - Capture  & Hold Kurgan Hill 296

Our northern front line with the Americans has seen heavy fighting, hill 296 has been captured by the USMC and has become a strong point in the enemy line, we must push the Americans back, attack and hold the hill for 20 minutes.



US Air assets have been identified we must gain air superiority to succeed.

1-1 Tasks Overview

OBJ1 - Assault and Re-capture Balota Airstrip

OBJ2 - Secure the road to Bor

OBJ3 - Defend Bors Eastern front

OBJ4 - Re-enforce and Re-supply the front line at Zelenogorsk

OBJ5 - Capture  & Hold Kurgan Hill 296

AAC Tasks Overview

- Clear the beach / harbor at Balota ahead of our amphibious assault

- Destroy the USMC artillery site


- Destroy the USMC AA site EAST of Chernogorsk


- Destroy US assets stationed at the Airfield EAST of Grishino


- Find and destroy enemy mortar sites

- Provide 1-1 with Re-supply / CAS


5 x Gunboats (1 x MHQ Gunboat at side of destroyer)

2 x Mi24 - Zeus

3 x Shikra (OBJ1) - Phantom

3 x SU25 (OBJ1) - Phantom

3 x Otaker (OBJ1) - Bluebell

3 x Stalker (OBJ1) - Pig

4 x Mi8 (OBJ1) - Giant

4 x Ka60 (OBJ1) - Raven

Special Instructions (Important)

Remember friendly forces are in the area PID

Utilize assets along the front line.


This is of £270 over 3 months
This Window ends: 1st Feb 2019
  • Hoofed - £10
  • Filth - £10