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OPORD: Pirate



OPORD: Out Of The Marshes

Operation Order: Out Of The Marshes


Location: Altis
Player Faction: Russian
Starting Time (Ingame): 0600
Starting Position: Almyra
Weather: Clear Sky
Forecast: Clear Sky
Terrain: Forest, hills, towns, swamp



We will be supporting a Rebel army with an assault on the British forces in the area. We will be moving along side a Rebel tank division and attacking  the British positions however we have our own motive for being here which is to secure VIP Foxtrot which must be completed with the highest priority.



Tasking Ground

  1. Insert at Drop Zone Alpha - HALO

  2. Secure the Swamp

  3. Destroy Bunkers at Charlie 1 & 2

  4. Destroy AA at Delta 1 & 2

  5. Rescue VIP Foxtrot

Tasking Air

  1. Insert squad Drop Zone Alpha

  2. Provide Recon during the approach to Charlie 1 & 2

  3. Destroy convoy at Pyrgos before the squad reaches Charlie 1 & 2

  4. Assist the Rebel Army tank division

  5. Provide logistics, reinsert and CASEVAC


Signed Staff Sergeant R4IDER


OPORD: Rooster

MAP: Tanoa

Mission Date: 06/01/2018

OPORD: Rooster

Terrain: Jungle, Small Villages, Medium Towns, Ocean

Weather: Cloud

Forecast: Clear

Start DTG: 07/08/35 0900hrs

Starting Location: Bala Airstrip



We have been tasked with locating 3 laptops the reason why these laptops are so important is that they hold data about nuclear weapons that we need to have, Also one of the laptops will have information on how to defuse their latest bomb this means that we will be searching 3 different parts of tanoa as this will be the last known locations of the laptops and keeping an eye out for their latest bomb.          

We are located in a Nato military airfield called Bala Airstrip, we will be inserted by aac, air vehicles are as follows Wildcat , AH-6/M, UH-1D Slick x2, Black wasp II x2 and a CH-47I.

From Op Alpha the troops will need transport to Op Bravo, the transport helicopter will have to be covered by a black wasp, as there is AA in the area and the possibility of other enemy pilots.


There is the possibility of enemy Jets and Anti air

Enemy's are set to Hard




OPORD: The Military [REPLAY]

1st Company - Malden Special Forces

MAP: Malden
DATE: 2017/12/30 (19.00 UTC)
Operation Name: The Military
Terrain: Villages, Hills, Open Fields, Mountains
Weather: Clear skies - No Fog
Forecast: Clear skies - No fog
Starting Time (In-Game): 2200 Hours
Starting Position: North-West Airfield - Camp Riga


The island of Malden has always been perceived as a threat to the Takistani Regime. Their strong ties with the European union and the United States make them a platform for incursion if war breaks out between the Takistani Regime and the closest NATO ally, Chernarus. The Takistani forces have landed marines on the island and quickly overran the disorganized Malden defense force, who now hold their last positions south of the island. The US II. Marine Expeditionary Force is on standby to secure the island, planning an assault on the southern coastline. However before that happens, the Malden Special forces will have to conduct raids to interrupt Takistani artillery threatening to dislodge the assault.

1st Company will conduct Airborne operations on the north-west area of main island Malden, distrupt the enemy behind enemy lines and neutralize the Takistani artillery threat before the landings begin.


A)Strength - 
The Takistanii Army are assumed to have 250-300 soldiers in the area of operations.
B)Composition - Rear-guard units supported by lesser motorized vehicles
C)Support - Motorized support, Mortar support, Artillery support
D)Air Defence - No signs of infra-red / guided anti-aircraft systems. Limited threat assumed - AAA threat present
E) Friendly Forces - 5th and 4th Malden Militia holding the city of La Riviere. 22nd MEU awaiting H-Hour.

Platoon Tasks:


1. Insert at Dropzone Delta and rally at point Easy
2. Approach the town of Goisse and secure the HVT before he escapes (20 minutes @ Insert)
3. Sweep and clear the town of Goisse

1. Advance across the mountains and head towards the town of Vigny and destroy the ammunition stockpile located in the area.
2. Destroy the Mortar pit
3. Repel possible counter-attack

1. Head towards Le Pessagne and destroy the rocket artillery before H-Hour (0030 HOURS)
2. Extract forces before mechanized reinforcements arrive


AAC Tasks:


1. Insert the Platoon via Paradrop
2. Provide iStars, CASEVAC, CAS

PHASE 2 & 3
3. Find and Neutralize the Mortar Pit.
4. Extract Friendly forces at Le Pessagne


Logistics and Assets:
7x AW-159 Wildcat
4x A-149 Gryphon
1x CH-47J

-Logistics box & Helicopter Service Stations-


Additional Information


Rally Point - Easy
arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-11-80.jpg

Harbor - Location of HVT

arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-26-76.jpg



arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-49-88.jpg

La Passagne

arma3 2017-07-29 14-36-57-19.jpg

Signed Specialist Oksman


OPORD: Last Slice #1

First mission of the campaign which I mentioned here is ready 

MAP: Altis

Mission Date: tbd

OPORD: Last Slice #1

Terrain: Villages, Towns, Cities, Sea, Hills, Forests

Weather: Cloudy but lucid

Forecast: No change

Start DTG: 06/05/2016 0200hrs

Starting Location: C-130



In middle of 2016, Russia was getting positive results in Syria against anti goverment forces and ISIS while US backed PYD was getting control at Turkish-Syria border. After losing the initiative in North Syria, Turkey decided to focus its attention to an Island which is close to Tartus.

This Island was located in the midle of natural gas deposits in Mediterrean and providing home to Turmens, Arabs and Kurds. The future of this island was the last chance for Turkey to gain advantage to defend its national interests against other forces in the area. As of May 2016 Turkey backed Turkmen forces had heavy casulties and retreat to northern rural areas. ISIS was only a step behind to take the total control on the island.

After the capture of Sofia by ISIS forces, Turkey decided to intervene.

Turkish Special Forces (OKK) has been sent to the Island to free the Turkmen leaders before they are executed and organize the resistance to prepare the island for the real military landing secretly...



At 0200 first squad of Dagger platoon will land to northeast of the island with parachutes. At the ruins which is west of Iraklia, Turkish Secret Service (MIT) agent will be waiting for them.

The agent Sami Akbar, whose nickname is Lone Wolf during the operation, is embeded to ISIS forces and under cover. He is waiting the Maroon Berets to organize the resistance.



- Mods which are required can be found here

- Ace3 Medicals

   Advanced medicals are enabled

   Advanced wounds are disabled (no need for stitches)

   There is only one squad medic

   PAK can be used to revive soldier after stabilizing (PAK can be used by anyone as there is only one medic)

   Revive state is set to 10 minutes. If someone dies, respawn location will be close to AO but will require some walking. So better not to let your soldiers to die

- Ace3 advanced ballistics are enabled

- Weapons in the game used by Maroon Berrets are based on real life

- Squad has 14 soldiers there is additional sniper team which has 2 soldiers (sniper + spotter). In case votes goes beyond 14 I will add one more fireteam.

- Fireteam structure is 4 soldiers in total with TL (with hk 416 & m320), 2 rifleman (hk 416), 1 AR (m249 pip)

I can adjust the date based on request. I just picked it as it was not taken yet. 

Information regarding the unit which will be used

C-130 which will be used (driven by AI)

Campaign has some missions where F-16 CAS or mechanized will be used but it is mainly infantry based. So I want to apoligize to unit pilots for that... Sniper slots are empty though maybe pilot guys want to give a try :)