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~ OPORD 17/11/18 ~
Saturday 17th November
1900 UTC

~ Training OPORD 15/11/18 ~
Thursday 22nd November
1900 UTC

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True Green II - ARMA III
Random Screenshot

ARMA 3 {GOL} Training Mission
Arma 3 {GOL} Operation: Semper Fidelis
Arma lll -{GOL}- OP Theresa Fight
Arma lll -{GOL}- Semper Fidelis III
Arma lll -{GOL}- Friday OP
Arma 3 - Apocalypse Now [1080p]
Arma 3 - Suicidal Boat Force [1080p]
Taliban attacks Marine Outpost [1080p]
Russian Shock and Awe [1080p]
Vietnam Style Huey Insertion - War [1080p]
Marine Amphibious Landing [1080p]
Crazy Night Firefight [1080p]
Defending the Fort [1080p]
Guerrilla Convoy Ambushed [1080p]
Overrun and Surrounded [1080p]
M249 SAW Madness [1080p]
Arma 3 - The Joust! [1080p]
Spetznas Hit & Run [1080p]

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