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~ Training OPORD 21/03/19 ~
Thursday 28th March
1900 UTC

~ Delaying Action ~
Saturday 30th March
1900 UTC

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Arma 3 - Dangerous Fast-Roping [1080p]
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Arma 3 {GOL} - Foreign Legion goes Hiking [1080p HD]
Arma 3 - Using the Template [P2]
Arma lll -{GOL}- Tuesday Training Mission
Arma 3 Guerrillas of Liberation Editing - Adding the Template [P1]
Arma 2 {GOL} - Vietnam the Movie [1080p HD]
Arma 3 {GOL} - The Extreme Rangers
Arma 2 {GOL} - We were Soldiers [1080p HD]
ArmA 3 -{GOL}- Operation Enduring Freedom [HD 1080p]
ArmA 3 -{GOL}- Operation Napa Valley [HD 1080p]
ArmA 2 -{GOL}- Joint Co-op Operation Thrones [HD 1080p]
Operation Danube
ArmA 3 -{GOL}- Operation Danube [HD 1080p]
Operation Danube
ArmA 3 -{GOL}- Operation URGENT FURY [HD 1080p]
ArmA 2 -{GOL}- Operation Paki [HD 1080p]
ArmA 2 I44 -{GOL}- Operation Lüttich [HD 1080p]
ArmA 2 -{GOL}- Operation IED Land [HD 1080p]
Operation Unpredictable Soldiers

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